[Gluster-users] Fwd: AFR healing problem after returning one node.

Rash rash at konto.pl
Thu Dec 11 17:48:43 UTC 2008

czw, 11 gru 2008, 17:20:12 +0530, Krishna Srinivas napisał(a):
> Can you "cd" out of the glusterfs mount point and "cd" back in. ...see
> if that fixes the problem?
> If that is the case then it is a known bug. We will be fixing it.

Yes - exiting from this directory and ,,cd''-ing back solves problem -
file doesn't apear and is removed from ,,raw'' volume on node which back
again to cluster. I was trying to modify afr cluster translator and
put some self-healing code from afr_lookup_cbk to afr_opendir_cbk, but
my C-skills are too low to complete this with success. :) When can we
expect releasing fixed version?


rash at konto pl

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