[Gluster-users] GlusterFS Infiniband options in the Specification File

John Simmonds John2.Simmonds at uwe.ac.uk
Tue Dec 9 20:14:33 UTC 2008

Hello people,

I am trying to use GlusterFS over Infiniband using ib-verbs. Now so far
I know about these options:

option transport-type ib-verbs/client # For Infiniband Verbs client
option transport-type ib-verbs/server # For Infiniband Verbs server

and of course these ones:
option ib-verbs-work-request-recv-size   1048576
option ib-verbs-work-request-recv-count  16
option ib-verbs-work-request-send-size   1048576
option ib-verbs-work-request-send-count  16

Now what I don't understand is how do you specify a Infiniband host?

What I mean is when using IP you would do this on the server:

option auth.ip.brick1.allow 192.168.* # Allow access to "brick1" volume

and this on the client:

option remote-host

That I understand, but Infiniband doesn't work off IP, unless of course
you enable IP over Infiniband (IPoIB). So my questions really are:

1. Is there a way to specify a Infiniband host other then by IP?
2. If you have to use IP is that IPoIB you use?

Thanks people,

John Simmonds
Computer Officer - Linux & Real-time Systems
University of the West of England
United Kingdom

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