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Date: 2008/12/7
Subject: Re: [Gluster-users] AFR questions
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For example:
> volume ns-afr0
>  type cluster/afr
>  subvolumes remote-ns1 remote-ns2 remote-ns3 remote-ns4
> end-volume
> Anything written to ns-afr0 will be AFRed to all the 4 subvolumnes.
> So  how many copies you want to get, how many subvolumnes you should set.

Thanks for the example.

By this approach  you mean that basically the only way to define 2-way
replication for example, is to put 2 bricks inside a volume?
What if I have say 10 bricks and still need only 2 copies? I will need to
define such sub-volumes for each pair?

This sounds a bit strange, because then you basically limited to 2 servers
instead of to the whole server pool.

Is it possible just to add all available bricks to list, then specify how
many copies to store?

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