[Gluster-users] Unusual bug in glusterfsd

Anand Babu Periasamy ab at zresearch.com
Mon Aug 25 18:55:14 UTC 2008

This is i386 architecture PII/PIII. some how max_block_size got
corrupted. It was initialized to default value properly though.

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Anand Avati wrote:
>             The key error message seems to be this one (note the high
>     negative
>     maximum number):
>      > 2008-08-24 18:11:45 E
>     [protocol.c:342:gf_block_unserialize_transport] server: frame size
>     (168) > max (-2147458000)
> This seems to be a compiler or build related issue. What is your 
> nickname on IRC? we could try to debug it online.. what architecture is 
> this machine? I remember another user having this issue on a mips 
> machine but we could not get around to actually debug it.
> avati

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