[Gluster-users] Problems starting Gluster server

Keith Freedman freedman at FreeFormIT.com
Mon Aug 25 17:46:02 UTC 2008

make sure everything is installed correctly.
look for:

if the gluster libs are in /usr/lib/glusterfs/1.3.11 poke around to 
make sure it looks like all the bits are there.

I had a similar problem once, I had to run make install from the 
sub-directory of the xlators to get them installed.


At 10:29 AM 8/25/2008, Steve wrote:
>While trying to start Gluster server I get the following error:
>2008-08-25 19:26:29 D [glusterfs.c:167:get_spec_fp] glusterfs: 
>loading spec from /etc/glusterfs/glusterfs-server.vol
>2008-08-25 19:26:29 D [spec.y:107:new_section] parser: New node for 'brick'
>2008-08-25 19:26:29 D [xlator.c:115:xlator_set_type] xlator: attempt 
>to load file /usr/lib/glusterfs/1.3.11/xlator/storage/posix.so
>2008-08-25 19:26:29 E [xlator.c:120:xlator_set_type] xlator: 
>/usr/lib/glusterfs/1.3.11/xlator/storage/posix.so: cannot 
>dynamically load executable
>2008-08-25 19:26:29 E [spec.y:123:section_type] parser: failed to 
>set the node type
>2008-08-25 19:26:29 E [spec.y:243:file_to_xlator_tree] parser: 
>yyparser () exited with YYABORT
>2008-08-25 19:26:29 E [glusterfs.c:190:xlator_graph_get] glusterfs: 
>specification file parsing failed, exiting
>2008-08-25 19:26:29 E [glusterfs.c:538:main] glusterfs: Unable to 
>get xlator graph
>My glusterfs-server.vol file is very simple:
>volume brick
>   type storage/posix                   # POSIX FS translator
>   option directory /mnt/glusterfs      # Export this directory
>volume server
>   type protocol/server
>   option transport-type tcp/server     # For TCP/IP transport
>   option client-volume-filename /etc/glusterfs/glusterfs-client.vol
>   subvolumes brick
>   option auth.ip.brick.allow * # Allow access to "brick" volume
>Can any one help me to solve the problem? I really don't know where to look.
>// SteveB
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