[Gluster-users] Redistributing existing data

Elbert Lai elbert.lai at eng.admob.com
Fri Aug 8 23:25:29 UTC 2008


I have four bricks in my configuration, and two of the bricks are 90%  
full in /var/gluster/data and the other two are only 75% full in /var/ 
gluster/data. The ones that are at 90% are the older machines in the  
configuration. Is there a way to redistribute data across all of the  
bricks short of deleting files out and recopying them back into it  
with some rsync magic?

In short, does a command exist that is designed for this type of an  
activity? My plan so far is to rsync some range of data out of the  
mountpoints on the machines that are too full so that I can preserve  
their permissions, ownerships, timestamps, etc....  then delete them  
from the gluster mountpoint, then rsync the files onto the mountpoint  
so that they then get redistributed. Is there a better way?


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