[Gluster-users] Sharing home directories between two symetric nodes?

Keith Freedman freedman at FreeFormIT.com
Fri Aug 1 11:55:16 UTC 2008

I think you have it right.
it's an interesting way to use gluster..  you run a risk on occasion, however.

if you happen to update files on both ends while they're 
disconnected, then once you're re-connected, when you access the same 
file, you can not be sure which version will prevail.

(you can, but it's difficult to know--as I understand it, gluster 
tracks a timestamp and a revision number--somehow it uses these to 
decide which file is "newer")

Also, gluster doesn't to automatic healing--meaning, when you 
reconnect it doesn't immediately push the updates to the other side.. 
this is done only when files are accessed.  So, if you make file 
changes while disconnected, and then reconnect.. change some OTHER 
files, then disconnect again, you may still have an older version of 
the original file

those are my thoughts,

At 04:14 AM 8/1/2008, Amos Shapira wrote:
>I just discovered Gluster a couple of weeks ago and went through the
>initial documentation and got it compiled.
>It looks very promising both for my home network and for work.
>For now I'm concentrating at home -
>We have to Ubuntu 8.04 desktops, one for me and one for my wife.
>We generally try to keep them off when not used but at any time any
>one of them could be up or down.
>I was wondering whether Gluster would allow me to share our /home
>partition so whichever host is currently up - it'll have the most
>current /home partition with it. When both are up then both can write
>to it and have the latest version locally.
>Can Gluster do this?
>I got a hunch that it is possible to just configure some /data/home
>server volume which will be mirrored a-la "Automatic File Replication
>(Mirror) across Two Storage Servers"
>then mount /home on both same machines from that mirrored volume.
>Does this make sense or did I get it all wrong?
>If not, is there another way to achieve something like this?
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