[Gluster-infra] Lists server upgrade tomorrow

Michael Scherer mscherer at redhat.com
Wed Apr 14 15:16:25 UTC 2021


Since supercolony is still running on RHEL 6 (who is past its shelf
life), it has to be upgraded to EL 7. So I installed another VM, used
ansible, and we are ready to switch soon.

The plan for migration tomorrow is as follow (so I can refer later),
for the moment of migration:

- disable the ansible playbook for supercolony
- block postfix port 25 on iptables
- make sure the postfix queue is empty
- deal with current moderation tasks, check that /var/lib/mailman/data
is empty
- stop postfix
- stop mailman (on both servers)

- sync the archives/ and lists/ to the new server with rsync

- start mailman on new server
- switch the web proxy to go to the new server

- check this work fine on the web interface

- switch the DNS (so the MX record as well)

- announce the new server on list and see if the mail is sent

and later, deal with all the side effect of switching that I forgot
(like, I guess, jenkins, and the IP reputation, and maybe some RH IT

If all goes well, it should take less than 30 minutes. There is almost
no risk of losing mails. I am gonna send a email to announce the
migration to devel and users. 

Michael Scherer / He/Il/Er/Él
Sysadmin, Community Infrastructure

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