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--- Comment #1 from M. Scherer <mscherer at redhat.com> ---
I would have blamed gcc optimisation, but that's unlikely (despites -O0 doing
some minor optimisation, I didn't found anything that could result into that).
There is also curious output, such as line 76 called 1 time more than line 77,
and less than line 73, despites all of them supposed to be in the same clause. 

Line 52 of the same file is the same:
list_for_each_entry_safe is called 585195 time, while the function is called

The same goes in the others file, like
line 92 ( "hash = XXH64(data, len, seed);") vs 93 (
"XXH64_canonicalFromHash(&c_hash, hash);" ). 

So it could be normal, or it could be a bug. I am gonna take a quick look at
the assembly generated out of curiosity, and I did ask to a few compiler folks
on irc, but if this doesn't yield anything, I will just close the bug, unless I
am missing something. The goal of coverage is to see what is tested from what
is not, so even with such errors, it should be good enough for that.

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