[Gluster-infra] Quarterly Infra Updates

Nigel Babu nigelb at redhat.com
Mon Oct 30 16:14:51 UTC 2017

It's been a while since I posted an update. We're shifting to a quarterly
update system from this time onwards.

Here's what's kept us busy last quarter:
* We've moved our long-term planning from "bugs" to a (currently private)
Trello board. This helps us plan for long-term projects and scheduling time
for fixing infrastructure debt.
* Static analysis is almost entirely on Jenkins now except for Coverity.
Thanks to Deepshika for her hard work in getting this to production. We
plan to move this to Jenkins as well with a view on using coverity.com
rather than the Red Hat internal instance. This gives us the ability to see
new issues and severity with better clarity.
* We commit our Jenkins job to the build-jobs repo on Gerrit. Now when a
review is merged, it automatically runs `jenkins-jobs update`. This means
the latest version of the job configuration is running on Jenkins all the
* We now collect logs from an aborted regression job.
* Jenkins upgraded to the latest version (2.73.2) to prevent security
* We can now trigger jobs on ci.centos.org from build.gluster.org. This is
useful to make the pipeline pieces fit together.
* On a change which only modifies tests, the regression run will only run
those specific tests. Especially useful when tests are deactivated.
* All the smoke jobs now run on internal machines wasting less public IPs.
* We're in the processing of setting up ci-logs.gluster.org. Once this is
setup, individual test servers will no longer have a webserver.

Plans for this quarter:
* Gerrit upgrade to 2.13.9 [DONE!]
* Jenkins OS upgrade to CentOS 7
* Get statedumps from aborted regression runs
* Build Debian packages via Jenkins
* Tweak Gerrit permissions
* Finish the master pipeline job
* Create the release pipeline job
* Get Glusto debugging setups.
* Get CentOS regressions split into 10 chunks to reduce time.

Michael and I will be working together from the Brno office this week. We
want to get done with the Gerrit upgrade (DONE, yay!) and the Jenkins OS
upgrade. The Jenkins upgrade will happen on the 1st of Nov as it's a
holiday in India. We'll be taking a full 8-hour window to finish everything
out. The Jenkins OS upgrade will clear out SSH access to everyone. If you
have files in your home directory on the Jenkins server that you'd like to
preserve, please do so now.

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