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--- Comment #9 from M. Scherer <mscherer at redhat.com> ---
Ok so no, that still do not answer the question.

What are the name of the people who are gonna be deploying and maintaining that

I didn't found any list telling who is maintaining the current web infra. 

The cominfra team do take care of the static builder, of the underlying OS on
the web server, sure. You seems to be the one doing and dealing with the git
repository and content. 

But who is dealing with wordpress is not written anywhere AFAIK.

However, what was written in several mails, and said in several meeting is that
that my team wasn't willing to take care of Wordpress (to which usually is
answered "sure, we can do it ourself")

So again, what is the plan, what is gonna happen in 1 month time regarding the
switch (as I assume there is a plan) ?

Since it was decided to host it on supercolony (cf comment #4) without our
input, I would like to point out that it would have been nice to ask to the
infra team about it instead of just dropping from above as usual. We want to
get ride of that server, that's still EL 6, so I think it would be a better
option to move to a new VM in EL 7.

Then the team in charge of setting it up can take care of the setup, we will
provides apache and a database on the postgres server (so we can have automated

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