[Gluster-infra] [Bug 1423002] Changes needed in infra to accommodate move to github for issue tracking and updates

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Fri Feb 17 18:07:22 UTC 2017


--- Comment #2 from Shyamsundar <srangana at redhat.com> ---
(In reply to Michael Scherer from comment #1)
> So 1) why is the mail sent to maintainers list, which is: " is intended to
> be a low-volume list and should only be used for discussions that are not
> appropriate/useful for the rest of the developers." .

That was to gauge if we can even do this, and we have some semblance of a plan,
before going to devel.

> Moving the BTS is a discussion that do concern others developers. I do not
> think we should make any change until that discussion on -devel do happen.


We will not make the change before we reach out to dev list, this bug is more
preparing for the change.

> 2) the document listed has a bit too much "TODO" before doing any move. I
> would like to see them addressed.

Yes, we are working through that.

> 3) one of the main reason to avoid github in other projects is the lack of
> private bugs and its impact on security. 
> It is not mentioned at all right now, so I would like to at least know if it
> was discussed. Saying "we do not plan to have embargo" is fine by me, but I
> would like to make sure to have a explicit signoff by people and warn RH
> security team of that. Currently, I think gerrit do not have ACL, neither do
> jenkins so we can't do much, but having it explictely listed as a non goal
> would permit to later avoid setting it.

- Security: This was raised by Amye as well, and we are *now* considering it

- I did not understand the gerrit and Jenkins not having ACL part, how/what
does that mean?

- Yes, over other conversations it looks like we need to reach and get signoff
before we go live with this thing (if that happens), from other RH stakeholders
as well. This will be done as we solidify this plan.

> 4) another huge reason to avoid github is that automation tend to be
> annoying. Ansible project do hit quite easily the various limit of the API.
> So I would like to make sure someone will be dedicated to any required
> automation before we embark to the move or anything.

Hmmm... can we get more specifics about the problems? So that we can evaluate
the same. Also, a person dedicated to the automation needs work!

> 5) gluster downstream may have automation that depend on the bug tracker.
> Did we contact them in advance, and if so, who did and when ?

I will reach out to Rejy downstream to get these parts moving, if maintainers
come to a consensus.

So we need a few ACKs and sign-offs before we go live on this, and I agree,
thanks for raising those flags.

Would it be possible to prototype some changes in gerrit-stage (like the hooks
for example?) so that when devs experience this, it is well known what needs to
be done in the future and we can get better feedback on this.

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