[Gluster-infra] [release-3.7] Tag v3.7.17 doesn't actually exist in the branch

Kaushal M kshlmster at gmail.com
Fri Nov 18 07:47:52 UTC 2016

IMPORTANT: Till this is fixed please stop merging changes into release-3.7

I made a mistake.

When tagging v3.7.17, I noticed that the release-notes at 8b95eba were
not correct.
So I corrected it with a new commit, c11131f, directly on top of my
local release-3.7 branch (I'm sorry that I didn't use gerrit). And I
tagged this commit as 3.7.17.

Unfortunately, when pushing I just pushed the tags and didn't push my
updated branch to release-3.7. Because of this I inadvertently created
a new (virtual) branch.
Any new changes merged in release-3.7 since have happened on top of
8b95eba, which was the HEAD of release-3.7 when I made the mistake. So
v3.7.17 exists as a virtual branch now.

The current branching for release-3.7 and v3.7.17 looks like this.

| release-3.7 CURRENT HEAD
| new commits
|                           | c11131f (tag: v3.7.17)
8b95eba --------------------/
| old commits

The easiest fix now is to merge release-3.7 HEAD into v3.7.17, and
push this as the new release-3.7.

                             | release-3.7 NEW HEAD
|release-3.7 CURRENT HEAD -->| Merge commit
|                            |
| new commits*               |
|                            | c11131f (tag: v3.7.17)
| 8b95eba -------------------/
| old commits

I'd like to avoid doing a rebase because it would lead to changes
commit-ids, and break any existing clones.

The actual commands I'll be doing on my local system are:
(NOTE: My local release-3.7 currently has v3.7.17, which is equivalent
to the 3.7.17 branch in the picture above)
$ git fetch origin # fetch latest origin
$ git checkout release-3.7 # checking out my local release-3.7
$ git merge origin/release-3.7 # merge updates from origin into my
local release-3.7. This will create a merge commit.
$ git push origin release-3.7:release-3.7 # push my local branch to
remote and point remote release-3.7 to my release-3.7 ie. the merge

After this users with existing clones should get changes done on their
next `git pull`.

I'll do this in the next couple of hours, if there are no objections.


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