[Gluster-infra] Gerrit down, disk full and more complication

Michael Scherer mscherer at redhat.com
Sat Mar 12 11:08:09 UTC 2016

Le samedi 12 mars 2016 à 10:11 +0100, Michael Scherer a écrit :
> Hi,
> so ndevos pinged me on irc this morning (around 7) since gerrit was
> down. I poked around it once I woke up, and found that the disk was
> full. However, after adding a new disk to the volume group, the web
> interface also refuse to start.
> I am currently looking for that, but not ETA until I find what is wrong.

TLDR: So gerrit is back. 

Root cause was a wrong interaction between gerrit config and apache. 

For a reason I do not quite understand (since we restart gerrit quite
often), this:
        canonicalWebUrl = https://review.gluster.org/
stopped working after the reboot.

instead, you have to have this:
        canonicalWebUrl = http://review.gluster.org/

for a reason that I do not understand, this resulted in a redirection
loop with // url at the end.

I tried various variations (such as removing the /, adding /foo,
or /foo/), but the only working way was to tell to gerrit to advertise
the http url. 

But, apache redirect to https fine, and do not complain at all, so maybe
that's a issue on the proxyPass side. 

Michael Scherer
Sysadmin, Community Infrastructure and Platform, OSAS

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