[Gluster-infra] Gerrit Uptime Stats

Nigel Babu nigelb at redhat.com
Mon Jul 11 10:16:18 UTC 2016

Hello folks,

When I started working, I'd setup Gerrit monitoring on uptimerobot.com, on
a free account. I had mostly forgotten about this until recently. Here are the
stats since June 1, 2016:

2016-06-01 - 28 min downtime (Planned downtime for upgrade)
2016-06-01 - 03 min downtime (Unplanned downtime to debug post-upgrade issues)
2016-06-06 - 30 min downtime (Planned downtime for fixing post-upgrade issues)
2016-06-07 - 01 min downtime (Unplanned downtime - No manual intervention)
2016-06-28 - 01 min downtime (Unplanned downtime - No manual intervention)

Overall, this means that Gerrit has been very stable after the upgrade. Twice
it went down for 1 min and came up without needing any manual intervention,
which I suspect is because of transient network issues. Despite the issues we
hit after the upgrade, it's been much better post-upgrade.


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