[Gluster-infra] Smoke tests run on the builder in RH DC (at least)

Niels de Vos ndevos at redhat.com
Mon Jan 25 21:24:33 UTC 2016

On Mon, Jan 25, 2016 at 06:59:33PM +0100, Michael Scherer wrote:
> Hi,
> so today, after fixing one last config item, the smoke test jobs run
> fine on the Centos 6 builder in the RH DC, which build things as non
> root, then start the tests, then reboot the server.

Nice, sounds like great progress!

Did you need to change anything in the build or test scripts under
/opt/qa? If so, please make sure that the changes land in the


> Now, I am looking at the fedora one, but once this one is good, I will
> likely reinstall a few builders as a test, and go on Centos 7 builder.

I'm not sure yet if I made an error, or what is going on. But for some
reason smoke tests for my patch series fails... This is the smoke result
of the 1st patch in the serie, it only updates the fuse-header to a
newer version. Of course local testing works just fine... The output and
(not available) logs of the smoke test do not really help me :-/


Could this be related to the changes that were made? If not, I'd
appreciate a pointer to my mistake.

> I was also planning to look at jenkins job builder for the jenkins, but
> no time yet. Will be after jenkins migration to a new host (which is
> still not planned, unlike gerrit where we should be attempting to find a
> time for that)

We also might want to use Jenkins Job Builder for the tests we're adding
to the CentOS CI. Maybe we could experiment with it there first, and
then use our knowledge to the Gluster Jenkins?

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