[Gluster-infra] VMs for gluster-swift CI

Prashanth Pai ppai at redhat.com
Fri Jan 8 12:03:54 UTC 2016

CC'ing Thiago.

> > Hi,
> > 
> > We've been occasionally using gluster-swift-f22-1 ( and
> > gluster-swift-el7-1 ( for CI of swiftonfile project
> > (hosted externally at review.openstack.org).
> > Reviving CI for gluster-swift project (hosted on review.gluster.org) is
> > under way. I intend to use the above machines for the same.
> > 
> > While manually running gluster-swift functional tests (with 4 glusterfs
> > volumes) on gluster-swift-el7-1, the VM got stuck. Michael Scherer found
> > out that it had ran out of memory _probably_ because it had only 1GB of
> > RAM. If it's the cause, is there resource left in rackspace account to
> > crank up the RAM to 2 gigs on these VMs ?
> Looking at the server, it seems someone added a new repo
> (glusterfs-epel) that broke the upgrade to 7.2. I removed gluster to be
> able to keep the server secure

If I'm not wrong, that repo's been there from a long time and it's required.
We intend to run tests on latest glusterfs RPM bits.

> Could we avoid doing modification without telling to the infra what was
> done ?

The swiftonfile team has managed these two VMs since it's creation.
AFAIK, it was not managed by salt until very recently.

> Modifications should be tracked and added to our CM. Now, i have to
> inspect what was done on this server and add it to salt, so I will
> upgrade memory later.

Thanks Michael. Please let me know once they're ready.

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> Michael Scherer
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