[Gluster-infra] review.gluster.com no longer available, use review.gluster.org

Kaushal M kshlmster at gmail.com
Thu Feb 18 15:15:39 UTC 2016

After the migration, it turns out that we only updated the DNS records
for review.gluster.org, and not that for review.gluster.com.

This has lead to git pull/push and rfc.sh failures for people who had
cloned their repositories from review.gluster.com. Anyone who's still
using review.gluster.com git remotes, need to update the remote to
point to review.gluster.org. [1]


PS: We will not be enabling review.gluster.com again. It's been over 4
years since the transition to the .org domain, which is plenty of time
for everyone to have moved to the new domain.

[1] `man git-remote` for instructions on how to change remote url.

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