[Gluster-infra] review.gluster.org not responsive

Michael Scherer mscherer at redhat.com
Thu Feb 18 00:15:49 UTC 2016

Le mercredi 17 février 2016 à 23:31 +0000, Michael Scherer a écrit :
> Le mercredi 17 février 2016 à 18:06 -0500, Vijay Bellur a écrit :
> > Both the web and git interfaces are failing to load.
> > 
> > Michael - can you please help?
> I am taking a look. I see no message on the console however

- after the server sync, seems nfs got reenabled. not a big problem, but
reboot take 5 minutes. I disabled it again.

- for some reason, gerrit was in a strange state at reboot, potentially
a race condition or something equally annoying (or maybe not started). I
might have to do some tests later, but it got fixed once the service was

I am not gonna investigate more for now, but it seems to be ok from a
quick test.

Michael Scherer
Sysadmin, Community Infrastructure and Platform, OSAS

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