[Gluster-infra] [Bug 1393466] Request branch creation for FB commits and addition of merge rights for specific users

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Wed Dec 7 14:42:53 UTC 2016


Shyamsundar <srangana at redhat.com> changed:

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--- Comment #3 from Shyamsundar <srangana at redhat.com> ---
FB has now merged 2 patches, so things look good for users kvigor at fb.com and    
Shreyas Siravara <shreyas.siravara at gmail.com>.

There has been one more request from FB regarding the regression triggers for
this branch as follows, let me know if you need a separate bug filed for
tracking this request/change.

Regression run trigger changes requested on release-3.8-fb branch:

FB would ideally want a continuous integration run on this branch, so that they
can keep merging and look back to correct things as the continuous integration
reports failure at some point. This to my knowledge requires dedicated machines
etc. and also is not what our systems are geared up to do. Hence, requesting if
we can possibly satisfy some of the following requests, we will let you know
what is preferred once we present the possibility to the FB team (IOW, I need
to understand the possibility first and then get an ack from FB if it suits
them before implementing the same).

1) Ability to submit without running regressions
Can a patch not wait for Verified +1 and also not wait for the regression
score, but still be merged.

2) Ability to run regression on some patches, if Verified +1 is marked
For some patches, FB folks would like the regression runs, so we need a way by
which they can trigger the same (hence trigger on Verified +1 as the request).

3) Worst case if (1) and (2) are not possible, can we turn off regression runs
for this branch only?

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