[Gluster-infra] Just turned on "Third-party access" restrictions in GitHub org

Justin Clift justin at postgresql.org
Wed Aug 10 12:09:55 UTC 2016

Hi all,

I'm mucking around with GitHub plugins for some non-Gluster stuff,
trying things out.

It turns out GitHub has an *extremely poorly thought out* permissions
model for plugins.  So any time I give any kind of access to a plugin,
literally *every* GitHub organisation I'm a member of automatically
has both it's private and public data made available to the plugin.

The only way to stop it is by an admin of each GitHub org going into
the org settings → Third-parth access → then enabling restrictions
(there's a button).

I'm still a Gluster org admin :D, so I've just turned them on for the
Gluster org.

In theory, it shouldn't break anything.  However, if things suddenly
start going wonky it could be this change.  Any admin can change it

But, it's probably worth grabbing me via email or Gitter first, so
I can nuke the plugins I've given my access to first. :)

Hopefully that's an ok thing.  Feel free to yell at me if not. ;)

Regards and best wishes,

Justin Clift

"My grandfather once told me that there are two kinds of people: those
who work and those who take the credit. He told me to try to be in the
first group; there was less competition there."
- Indira Gandhi

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