[Gluster-infra] Reconfigured Jenkins (smoke) jobs to not overwrite/reset regression-test results

Niels de Vos ndevos at redhat.com
Sat May 30 11:19:02 UTC 2015

Hi all,

many of the Jenkins regression-tests have finished before all the smoke
jobs were done (we have fewer NetBSD slaves and the smoke tests were
waiting long in the queue). This caused the Verified +1 from the
regression-tests to be overwritten with Verified=0 once the smoke
results were available.

The configuration change I have made in the several Jenkins jobs that
are doing smoke testing, is like this:

  - open a Jenkins job configuration
  - scroll down to "Gerrit trigger"
  - click the [Advanced...] button
  - scroll down to "Gerrit Reporting Values"
  - enable "Skip Vote" for "Successful"
  - click the [Save] button on the bottom of the page

This means that any successful result (Verified=0) will not get passed
on to Gerrit. If the regression test finished before, it will not be
overwritten anymore. This not-overwriting will be marked in a comment in
Gerrit with "SUCCESS (skipped)" next to the job. If a smoke test fails,
the failure will be reported and Verified=-1 gets set.

Well, that is the/my theory at least. Let me know if you notice any


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