[Gluster-infra] [Gluster-users] Revamping GlusterFS website for expanded participation

Kiran Patil kiran at fractalio.com
Tue Mar 3 05:23:43 UTC 2015

The more the Testing information and Tools available to community, it is
easy for anyone to run the respected TestSuite and participate as part of

The goal is to uncover/discover the issues at different workload, scenario,
platform architecture and so on and to build super solid Gluster QA
community/team ...

Testcase/suite contribution should also share the same priority as code

There is no page for QA in the index page and please add one at make it
visible in the "Navigation" section of index/main page.

A sample Gluster QA page may look like  below.

Testing Gluster (Gluster QA)

Regression Testing : Run Gluster Regression Testsuite (

Functional Testing: Run the upcoming distaf (

Performance Testing:

Load Testing: TBD

Stress Testing: TBD

Tools used by community: TBD


On Mon, Mar 2, 2015 at 10:51 PM, Tuomas Kuosmanen <tigert at redhat.com> wrote:

> TL;DR: This started in gluster-infra list as an effort to improve
> the Gluster website and to connect it better with the Gluster
> community. If you are interested in this, read below, and pitch
> in with your insights. We should continue the discussion on
> gluster-infra list to avoid fragmentation, but I wanted to cc -users
> and -devel to invite more people into the brainstorming.
> The goal: To better connect the website with the Gluster community
> I think we should list what generally goes on in our community,
> and also what things we would like to improve. Then we can try to
> figure out how the website could support that effort better.
> There might be many approaches to this, and everyone of you can help
> by pitching in ideas and things that you think could help Gluster
> community. Creating a smoother path for new people to install
> Gluster and get familiar with the community would be good.
> Here's what I've been thinking about, from the point of view of
> someone new to Gluster. Feel free to improve the list:
> I've been thinking of four main areas here: Gluster (the software),
> the Community, News, and Events.
> The Software (installation, learning about it)
> ==============================================
> ## Discover Gluster
>   * Explanation of what Gluster is and what are the strengths
>     * Some good showcases that clearly show the strong points
>       where Gluster makes sense
>     * Some introduction videos / screencasts to explain the
>       principles and concepts
>     * Maybe a link to a QA forum's "newbie" section where
>       we can help with questions we did not know about ourselves?
> ## Installing Gluster
>   * Instructions to get initial installation going easily,
>     this should be really straightforward and sensible
>     default settings should work.
> ## Learning more about Gluster
>   * Detailed admin guides / howto-documents that explain
>     what kind of setups make sense for different uses etc..
>   * Community QA and mailing lists and irc for more questions /
>     and also to get involved
>   * Consultancies and companies offering support
> ## Improving Gluster
>   * Reporting Bugs
>   * Sending Patches
>   * Companies offering Gluster development services
> The Community
> =============
> ## Communication and Hangouts
>   * Explanation and the idea about open community development
>   * IRC channels, Mailing Lists, etc?
>   * How to get involved
> Events
> ======
>   * I don't know much about what's happening in this area,
>     please fill in details :-)
> News
> ====
>   * Security alerts
>   * New releases
>   * Development blog / newsletter?
> Do you have other ideas? Are there other things that the
> community does that I am not aware of? Let me know. Or if
> you disagree with something, explain why I am wrong in my
> thinking :-)
> Tom, you also likely have some ideas you want to drive forward?
> //Tuomas
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