[Gluster-infra] [Gluster-devel] NetBSD regressions not being triggered for patches

Emmanuel Dreyfus manu at netbsd.org
Wed Jun 17 09:20:10 UTC 2015

On Wed, Jun 17, 2015 at 11:05:38AM +0200, Niels de Vos wrote:
> I've already scripted the reboot-vm job to use Rackspace API, the DNS
> requesting and formatting the results into some file can't be that
> difficult. Let me know if a /etc/hosts format would do, or if you expect
> something else.

Perhaps a /etc/hosts would do it: jenkins launches the ssh command,
and ssh should use /etc/hosts before the DNS.

Emmanuel Dreyfus
manu at netbsd.org

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