[Gluster-infra] [Gluster-devel] Reduce regression runs wait time - New gerrit/review work flow

Saravanakumar Arumugam sarumuga at redhat.com
Mon Jun 15 16:38:46 UTC 2015


> - Developer pushes change to Gerrit.
>   - Zuul is notified by Gerrit of new change
> - Zuul runs pre-review checks on Jenkins. This will be the current smoke tests.
>   - Zuul reports back status of the checks to Gerrit.
>     - If checks fail, developer will need to resend the change after
> the required fixes. The process starts once more.
>     - If the checks pass, the change is now ready for review
> - The change is now reviewed by other developers and maintainers.
> Non-maintainers will be able to give only a +1 review.
>   - On a negative review, the developer will need to rework the change
> and resend it. The process starts once more.
> - The maintainer give a +2 review once he/she is satisfied. The
> maintainers work is done here.
>   - Zuul is notified of the +2 review
> - Zuul runs the regression runs and reports back the status.
>   - If the regression runs fail, the process starts over again.
>   - If the runs pass, the change is ready for acceptance.
> - Zuul will pick the change into the repository.
>   - If the pick fails, Zuul will report back the failure, and the
> process starts once again.

+2 for the idea.

Can we have a small change in this flow ? 
What is proposed now: ( as per my understanding) 

Reviewer1 gives +1
Reviewer2 gives +1

Maintainer gives +2 (for merge)

Now, regression triggered => Regression failed. 

So, code is again changed by Developer.

Now, review needs to be done by Reviewer1/Reviewer2/Maintainer.
A small change in the proposal:

Reviewer1 gives +1

A single +1 is enough to get Regression Triggered.
      Lets say immediately Regression triggered and Failed.

So, developer Re-submit his/her changes.

Goes through Reviewer1, Reviewer2, Maintainer.


How this helps? 
It does not goes through the process from the beginning(especially when there is a Regression failure).
<<  - If the regression runs fail, the process starts over again. 


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