[Gluster-infra] Where's the documentation source?

Tuomas Kuosmanen tigert at redhat.com
Fri Jan 9 14:06:10 UTC 2015

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> From: "Joe Julian" <joe at julianfamily.org>
> This page has broken links:
> http://www.gluster.org/documentation/Getting_started_overview/
> The unbroken links don't have their respective source in
> https://forge.gluster.org/gluster-site/gluster-site

The docs are pulled in from https://forge.gluster.org/gluster-docs-project 
as far as I know. The main site is set up to automatically sync from git,
but the docs are not yet. And actually I am a bit uncertain on what to do.
Maybe this is a good spot to discuss this:

I need to know more about how the documentation is written and maintained. 
There seems to be a substantial amount of docs in the wiki. And my understanding
is that quite a lot of people just use the wiki docs when they need information. 
Am I correct? Also, how up to date / sensible is the documentation under 
http://www.gluster.org/documentation/ ?

There also seems to be a consensus to keep the wiki around, and even make it
more central in the community (wiki.gluster.org or gluster.org/wiki/ or
such and use it for planning and other things.

What if we do these things with the docs:

  1. Revise the "getting started" documentation so that it is in good shape to
     get new people started. Have it under gluster.org/download/. The goal would
     be that a newbie has a functional Gluster setup after following the instructions.

  2. All in-depth, more advanced documentation could be in the wiki, and certain
     sections would be linked from the "getting started" instructions too, since
     there are many different ways you can install and use gluster.

Would this make sense? If so, maybe we should just focus in moving the other docs
into the wiki, and review the install+setup guide to have a good howto to get started.

Maybe we should have a new mediawiki setup and then move stuff over, link to it once we
have the docs in sensible state there?


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