[Gluster-infra] Proposal for adding FAQ in gluster-users

Saravanakumar Arumugam sarumuga at redhat.com
Wed Aug 26 10:43:18 UTC 2015


I have a small Proposal.

Can we add a FAQ page in

This is can something similar like this:
     link: https://www.redhat.com/mailman/listinfo/libguestfs
     // Present in the link: Read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - 
your question may have been answered already.

FAQ should be mostly targeted towards "users". The same link can be 
linked in other places if required.

OK, Now some topics in the FAQ can be:
About glusterfs:

Common problems and solutions :




     Geo-replication :

         #a. While facing geo-rep related issues following output will help:
             gluster volume geo-replication <Master volume> <Slave 
host>::<Slave volume> status

             gluster volume geo-replication <Master volume> <Slave 
host>::<Slave volume> status detail

         #b. Geo-rep session goes to faulty state:

             First Check the geo-rep session config file:
             # gluster volume geo-replication <Master volume> <Slave 
host>::<Slave volume> config

             Look for config_file here, and check its contents.

             In slave nodes, you can check logs in this location:

         #c. Can we have more than one geo-rep session from one master 
to multiple slaves?
             Yes. You can have more than one geo-rep session from one 

         #d. What should be the Slave volume configuration? Should it 
same as Master volume?
             Slave can have its own Volume configuration different from 
Master volume.
         Only requirement is it should be as big as Master volume.
         This is verified while creating geo-rep session itself.

         #e. Can we have Slave volume different than Gluster type ? For 
example, can it be simple .
             NO, This is NOT supported, It should be a gluster volume type.

     gluster NFS , NFS-ganesha

     Installation issues

Getting Help and Reporting bugs :

     Having the following information, while posting a query
to gluster-users helps in getting quicker solutions :)

     gluster --version
     gluster volume info
     gluster volume status

Logs location:
<update various log location here>

Looking for existing bugs (OR) trying to post a Bug:
Checkout the bugzilla here:

See also :

Installation Guide:

Administration Guide:

Upgrade Guide:

More Documentation:

As you can see, I have updated with geo-rep related questions.

Gluster devels, QAs, and others can collaborate and update this FAQ with 
their own FAQs. :)

I think it is NOT necessary that every module needs to have some FAQs,
I just posted it here to get a overview of this.

Please let me know your suggestions and how to take this further.


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