[Gluster-infra] Brainstorming for a gluster community calendar

Michael Scherer mscherer at redhat.com
Wed Aug 12 19:12:13 UTC 2015

Le mardi 11 août 2015 à 07:06 -0400, Tuomas Kuosmanen a écrit :
> Hello!
> I'm cross-posting to gluster-users to get more feedback. Preferably
> reply to gluster-infra, but feedback on wrong list is better than
> no feedback at all, so whatever you like :-)
> There has been some discussion (and a long-standing item in the 
> community meeting agenda) about a calendar for Gluster community
> events.
> I wish to have a bit of discussion going on about the requirements
> and needs for different kinds of functionality, so we can figure out
> what kind of stuff we could use or set up.
> Here are my thoughts so far:
> Event types:
>   * Recurring meetings (irc etc) like the weekly community meeting
>   * Local user group meetings
>   * Conferences with gluster talks
>   * Upcoming releases and feature freezes and other development-driven
>     events
> Required functionality:
>   * It should be possible to subscribe to ical feed for events
>   * There should be a web page listing upcoming events
>   * There should be a way to create events in one place and have
>     them propagate to the social media channels as well
>   * To avoid spam and trolls, we likely need to authenticate
>     users of the system. Should we do this via github accounts or 
>     something else?
>   * Some events might require registration due to limited number
>     of seats available etc.
> Food for thought:
>   * Red Hat Community calendar: 
>     http://community.redhat.com/events/
>     - events are in a git repository as json
>     - Modifying or adding events requires manual editing of 
>       the json files: https://github.com/OSAS/rh-events/wiki/Adding-and-modifying-events
>     - as far as I know, recurring events need to be implemented
>     - uses the same web infrastructure as www.gluster.org
>     - exports ical
>   * Fedora Calendar
>     - The instance is hosted on fedora infrastructure. If we ask nicely,
>       we might be able to create a gluster calendar there and use it 
>       for our purposes.
>   * Calagator
>     - http://calagator.org/ is the instance they develop this for
>     - code is in https://github.com/calagator/calagator
> Does anyone have other suggestions for either the software, or requirements / ideas?

Centos use this:

they use this:
Michael Scherer
Sysadmin, Community Infrastructure and Platform, OSAS

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