[Gluster-infra] Brainstorming for a gluster community calendar

Tuomas Kuosmanen tigert at redhat.com
Tue Aug 11 11:06:53 UTC 2015


I'm cross-posting to gluster-users to get more feedback. Preferably
reply to gluster-infra, but feedback on wrong list is better than
no feedback at all, so whatever you like :-)

There has been some discussion (and a long-standing item in the 
community meeting agenda) about a calendar for Gluster community

I wish to have a bit of discussion going on about the requirements
and needs for different kinds of functionality, so we can figure out
what kind of stuff we could use or set up.

Here are my thoughts so far:

Event types:

  * Recurring meetings (irc etc) like the weekly community meeting
  * Local user group meetings
  * Conferences with gluster talks
  * Upcoming releases and feature freezes and other development-driven

Required functionality:

  * It should be possible to subscribe to ical feed for events
  * There should be a web page listing upcoming events
  * There should be a way to create events in one place and have
    them propagate to the social media channels as well
  * To avoid spam and trolls, we likely need to authenticate
    users of the system. Should we do this via github accounts or 
    something else?
  * Some events might require registration due to limited number
    of seats available etc.

Food for thought:

  * Red Hat Community calendar: 
    - events are in a git repository as json
    - Modifying or adding events requires manual editing of 
      the json files: https://github.com/OSAS/rh-events/wiki/Adding-and-modifying-events
    - as far as I know, recurring events need to be implemented
    - uses the same web infrastructure as www.gluster.org
    - exports ical

  * Fedora Calendar
    - The instance is hosted on fedora infrastructure. If we ask nicely,
      we might be able to create a gluster calendar there and use it 
      for our purposes.

  * Calagator
    - http://calagator.org/ is the instance they develop this for
    - code is in https://github.com/calagator/calagator

Does anyone have other suggestions for either the software, or requirements / ideas?



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