[Gluster-infra] Backup strategy for our infrastructure?

Justin Clift justin at gluster.org
Tue Sep 2 13:33:55 UTC 2014

On 01/09/2014, at 4:43 AM, Louis Zuckerman wrote:
> As far as I can tell files can only be restored to the original backed up machine, which is inconvenient.

It could be that files can be restored to any VM which the agent is
running on (and is in our account).

Looking at the Backup tab in Rackspace, your sonar VM has been backing
up ok for a few days now.  So, because the agent on it has been through
the backup process at least once, the Rackspace backup stuff is aware
of that server and is presenting it as a restore target.

At a guess, after the other servers have run through the backup
process at least once they might show up as restore targets as well.

Guess we'll find out tomorrow. :)

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