[Gluster-infra] Configuration management, part 2

Justin Clift justin at gluster.org
Mon Sep 1 21:22:59 UTC 2014

On 01/09/2014, at 9:54 PM, Michael Scherer wrote:
> Le lundi 01 septembre 2014 à 21:44 +0100, Justin Clift a écrit :
>> On 01/09/2014, at 1:08 PM, Michael Scherer wrote:
>>> Le lundi 01 septembre 2014 à 13:12 +0200, Michael Scherer a écrit :
>>>> I tend to share the concern of Justin regarding Ruby, especially since
>>>> we have a bit old stuff to manage like RHEL 5 so despites having a
>>>> strong team around puppet, I am not sure we should follow this road. 
>>>> The transition on puppet3/ruby2 was quite problematic, and I think may
>>>> still cause issues with the diverse set of servers we have, regarding
>>>> the need to have some sort of synced server/client ( a problem that
>>>> ansible do avoid, and salt too in some way due to salt-ssh, albeit being
>>>> alpha )
>>> Turn out that salt requires python > 2.6, which rules out to manage RHEL
>>> 5.
>>> Do we have lots of RHEL 5 system ?
>> We don't have any RHEL/CentOS 5 systems at all.  And no intention (AFAIK)
>> of adding any.
> except review.gluster.org :) ?

Oops, I forgot about that one. :(

That being said, we do want to move review.gluster.org (and build.gluster.org)
to new VM's in Rackspace the near future.  So, EL5 isn't really going to be
part of the picture after that. :)

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