[Gluster-infra] Gluster.org website revamp

Soumya Deb deb at redhat.com
Wed Oct 15 11:12:11 UTC 2014

Hi all,

I was looking at the Gluster website for a while.
Liked the last overhaul, much responsive now, but found that we could do even better.

I'm planning on writing a 3-part blog post (public; so, raise a flag if anyone has concern against that) explaining by thoughts in details. But that's taking a while now & so I'll put the main topics here only. Correct me if I'm wrong/short-sighted anywhere - I know there have been a lot of discussion that I haven't been a part of, so unaware of the limitations you had to deal with (that I might accuse you of :P). I intentionally didn't check commit sign-offs - just so that I can give my opinions fair & square.

1. Using static site generator using Ruby: is it really required? (Alternative, pure static site, with client side templating)
2. Using the right tools/frameworks for the purpose, and not trying to emulate the purpose of one framework/CMS with another.
3. Each of the facets of the site as short typable subdomains: docs, wiki, bugs, code etc. (with proper HTTP/301, as needed)
4. One go-to place for each facet/purpose (especially docs). http://gluster.org/documentation/ & http://www.gluster.org/community/documentation/index.php/Main_Page are highly confusing to get right information from & also creates fragmentation. A single http://docs.gluster.org/ (wiki with pretty URL, thus no /index.php/Main_Page etc.)
5. URLs like http://www.gluster.org/about, http://blog.gluster.org/blog/ etc. are to be sanitized, decommissioned and/or properly redirected
6. Properly responsive website (like blog.gluster.org isn't) with seamless themes & url-integration for all sub-sites with better typography, legibility, color scheme etc.
7. More performing website, by removing code bloats, ghosts of copy-pastes etc. Also, needs some help with JS & CSS performance tuning.

I'll details them in my blog & you'll get to comment there & continue the discussion. But please do correct me if I'm starting with the wrong foot somewhere.


P.S: will have to miss today's meeting as well. On the move & flaky connectivity. Apologies!

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