[Gluster-infra] Site navigation in README.md

Eco Willson ewillson at redhat.com
Fri Oct 10 18:48:01 UTC 2014

Dave et. al.,

I added some clarity about the different elements of the gluster-site repo (what I was able to glean on my own and with help from Garrett and Tigert.  Garrett, Tigert, if you want to comment or expand on anything please feel free.  

Everything is appended to the README.md but sending it in email for convenience:


This section will give some hints and details about what to modify where to modify different portions of the site.

config.rb - site configuration file
run-server.sh - script to run `bundle exec middleman server`
setup.sh - install script

mostly archival content such as signage and poster elements for different events.

  docs.yml - use this page for the documentation navigation.  Syntax is critical here, including whitespace. Currently there is no provision for nested navigation (which would be nice at some point).
  site.yml - used to define meta data, currently used to denote ownership of site elements

lib:  This section requires input

  404.html.haml - page not found template
  author.html.haml - requires input, looks like artifact from the blog functionality (that we retained in the legacy WordPress instance instead of Middleman)
  blog.html.haml - As above
  calendar.html.haml - Requires input
  community - index.html for the community navigation element
  favicon.ico - self explanatory
  images  - self explanatory
  javascripts - self explanatory
  layouts - mostly self explanatory, there is a page, _production_only.haml that is used to incorporate code that should only exist once the site has been built, not in the test server at `hostname`:4567.  Example of this is the google statistics tracking inline, that we only want tracked from legitimate hits to the site, not testing environments.
  LICENSE.md - self explanatory
  README.md - This document
  requirements - dummy page
  robots.txt- self explanatory
 spotlight - contains elements of the "spotlight" section of the front page. _spotlight1.haml, _spotlight2.haml should be modified in the spotlight/ folder, the pages in the top level directory appear to be redundant.
  stylesheets - self explanatory

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