[Gluster-infra] [Gluster-devel] Anyone willing to help out with GlusterFS infrastructure?

Vipul Nayyar nayyar_vipul at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 3 16:24:31 UTC 2014

Hi Justin,

Any room for someone who's looking to contribute and learn, starting with some basic tasks? :-D


Vipul Nayyar 

On Friday, 3 October 2014 5:04 AM, Justin Clift <justin at gluster.org> wrote:

As a thought, we have a bunch of VM's and similar online for GlusterFS,
running regression tests, our git repos, the main website, and so on.

It's interesting stuff sometimes, and other times a bit of a time kill... ;)

Is anyone out there with a bit of time occasionally to help out, keeping
this stuff running, helping keep the website updated, and so on?

Note - asking for ongoing volunteers, NOT looking for people wanting a
paid job. :)

Regards and best wishes,

Justin Clift

GlusterFS - http://www.gluster.org

An open source, distributed file system scaling to several
petabytes, and handling thousands of clients.

My personal twitter: twitter.com/realjustinclift

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