[Gluster-infra] gaps to fill in the gluster site

Tuomas Kuosmanen tigert at redhat.com
Mon Nov 24 13:49:07 UTC 2014


So there's a branch in git called davemc-new-layout in gluster-site on forge, 
that I also keep updated to http://glustermm-tigert.rhcloud.com/
The response I have received so far has been pretty positive, so let's go 
and put this in.

There are a bunch of things we need to sync before we can replace the 
current site with this.

  * The idea is to have the site split into two:

    - "Storefront" - the part promoting Gluster and its hilights and
      eventally guiding the user through the installation.

    - Community section. My current understanding is that most of this
      stuff currently happens in the wiki, am I correct? In that 
      case I would make the /wiki/ be the community hub for everything
      and we likely should move the community page content and stuff there
      and have the non-wiki page for mostly static content. 

  * Documentation - need to come up with a plan to combine the wiki docs
    and the current stuff in /documentation/ into something that works.

  * About page could be in the static site, but it could be a nice 
    showcase about gluster's strengths and most common use cases. 
    This would need content as well. I can make nice graphics and 
    diagrams for the architecture etc, but as I don't know much about
    Gluster itself, I'd need assistance there.

  * I wish to improve the initial download / setup instructions.
    There is a work in progress version in 
    http://glustermm-tigert.rhcloud.com/download/ (that *is not 
    reviewed for correctness* at all yet) - please have a look
    and let me know what you think?

    I wanted to make it simple and clear. For this reason I have 
    made the inital suggestion to use a CentOS 7 as a starting point.
    However, the idea is that the wiki would have alternate instructions
    for other distros where you can jump to, get the distro setup and
    the packages installed, and then you can jump back, to continue
    so we can hopefully have the easiest path for everyone without
    making the actual download page too complex or cluttered with

  * Footer has more content than before about gluster, but this could
    use a review also, do we cover everything there?

I likely forgot something as I wanted to write this before running out
today, to get feedback, but let's check that we cover all gaps and 
then put this thing out ;-)


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