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Lalatendu Mohanty lmohanty at redhat.com
Fri Nov 21 07:04:16 UTC 2014

I kind of like the way they are doing it.  Having a github repo for the 
website and ready to accept the patches along with issues.

Though I have not tried the steps to set-up the website locally but the 
"README" looks pretty clean and interesting.

Do not want to influence much :) , but just an example how others are 
doing it.


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Subject: 	[atomic-devel] Site Content Refresh
Date: 	Wed, 05 Nov 2014 21:36:08 -0600
From: 	Joe Brockmeier <jzb at redhat.com>
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Organization: 	Red Hat (Open Source and Standards)
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Hey all,

Just a heads up / call for participation. We're working on updating the
Project Atomic site contents to reflect changes since the project was

There's a new branch on GitHub here:


And the v2 site is here:


This is just a content refresh/addition, so I don't expect to be
changing the look + feel of the site in any substantial way.

Patches welcome, or feel free to file an issue on GitHub if there's
something you want to see fixed:


We'll probably need to do a complete content review pretty regularly
(quarterly) while Atomic is still in heavy development.


Joe Brockmeier | Principal Cloud & Storage Analyst
jzb at redhat.com | http://community.redhat.com/
Twitter: @jzb  | http://dissociatedpress.net/

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