[Gluster-infra] [Gluster-devel] Jenkins automatic regression testing on (for a while)

Justin Clift justin at gluster.org
Fri Jun 27 08:16:27 UTC 2014

On 27/06/2014, at 8:53 AM, Niels de Vos wrote:
> On Fri, Jun 27, 2014 at 04:29:22AM +0100, Justin Clift wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> The "rackspace-regression-2GB-triggered" job in Jenkins is
>> enabled again.  This job _should_ automatically start a
>> full regression test whenever a new Gerrit CR is created,
>> or a new version is uploaded.
> I think we only wanted to have regression tests started when a positive 
> code-review was done. Could you change it that way? I've looked at the 
> configuration, but could not really spot an option for such a trigger.

I'm not sure how to do that either (yet).  For now, it's doing blanket
coverage.  That seems to work "ok".

But yeah, if a large patch set comes in, then it might overwhelm things.

I'll look into it later, after build testing for the *BSD's are up and
running. :)

+ Justin

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