[Gluster-infra] Jenkins server access

Humble Chirammal hchiramm at redhat.com
Wed Jun 25 06:32:36 UTC 2014

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| From: "Sahina Bose" <sabose at redhat.com>
| To: gluster-infra at gluster.org
| Cc: "Humble Chirammal" <hchiramm at redhat.com>, "Vijay Bellur" <vbellur at redhat.com>
| Sent: Wednesday, June 25, 2014 11:58:08 AM
| Subject: Jenkins server access
| Hi!

Hi Sahina,
| To release the gluster-nagios monitoring rpms upstream from the
| gluster-nagios related review.gluster.org repositories, we would like to
| set up a Jenkins job to build these rpms. Could I have access on the
| Jenkins server to do this?

I can provide details of one of the Jenkins server where we have configured 
libgfapi-qemu integration.. Soon it will be moving to production.
You can configure jenikns job in that server.

Vijay, any objections/comments ? 


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