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Louis Zuckerman me at louiszuckerman.com
Wed Dec 24 02:02:21 UTC 2014

I sent this same message (below) to gluster-users & gluster-devel at the
same time but I only saw it arrive in gluster-users.

If gluster-devel is moderated, could someone please approve the message?
If not, then what do I need to do to send to the list?  Or do you see the
message on gluster-devel and the problem is just on my side?

Thanks & happy holidays!


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From: Louis Zuckerman <me at louiszuckerman.com>
Date: Tue, Dec 23, 2014 at 8:54 PM
Subject: Ubuntu & Debian packages
To: gluster-users at gluster.org

I am gearing up to improve the Ubuntu and Debian packages.

These are the glusterfs community packages published on download.gluster.org
and launchpad.net/~gluster.  Any improvements made to our packages will be
contributed downstream to the Debian & Ubuntu packages in those

If you currently use, or have an interest in improving, the glusterfs
packages for ubuntu/debian please get in touch with me. I'd like to hear
from you, either on this mailing list or in IRC (semiosis in #gluster).

If you want to report a *packaging* bug you can open an issue on github
here: https://github.com/semiosis/glusterfs-debian

** NOTE: please do not open bugs for glusterfs on my github repo, only
issues with my packaging.  If you're not sure then please discuss with me
before opening an issue on github.

Thank you very much & happy holidays,

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