[Gluster-infra] configuration management for the gluster infra, RFC

Humble Chirammal hchiramm at redhat.com
Wed Aug 20 09:49:12 UTC 2014

On 08/20/2014 02:42 PM, Michael Scherer wrote:

> Le mardi 19 août 2014 à 18:24 +0100, Justin Clift a écrit :
>> On 19/08/2014, at 5:29 PM, Michael Scherer wrote:
>> <snip>
>>> On term of constraints, I suppose that we need something that work on
>>> RHEL and Netbsd.
>> For the Jenkins slave infrastructure we have various Fedora slaves,
>> some CentOS 6.5 slaves, and other bits:
>> * We have a Jenkins NetBSD slave in Rackspace - manually created from an
>>    initial CentOS install - since Rackspace doesn't offer NetBSD.
>> * We also have a Jenkins FreeBSD slave in Rackspace.
>> * GlusterFS 3.6 will support OSX fuse clients natively, so we've been
>>    getting some OSX VM's set up to become Jenkins slaves. (still needs
>>    work)
Hi Michael,

Thanks for bringing this up.

I have configured Jenkins instance for a  job in an internal server
( http://rhs-client34.lab.eng.blr.redhat.com:8080/job/libgfapi-qemu/)
which I would like to get migrated to an external server.
During this configuration I have learnt something about Jenkins, so I 
can offer some help if required.
> Technically, we can decide to manage os installation and provisioning,
> especially if we want to test and spin VMs, but this would requires
> something like cobbler, etc and a more complex setup. I guess we can
> safely push that to later :)
We can also consider docker .
When we really think about this task ,  I can discuss more about
>>> I assume sooner or later, we may add different builders
>>> on debian, or differents arch. I do remember seeing something about osx,
>>> but that's likely not much different than netbsd in term of tools ( even
>>> if I expect netbsd to have more, but from a portage point of view, both
>>> are less problematic than windows ). I do not see much more, I would
>>> strongly express a preference for something packaged on both platform.
>>> And in term of who know what, well, I can only answer for me, that I
>>> know ansible and puppet quite well, but I am open to others systems.
>>> So, any comments ?

iic,  most people struggle on:

* Unawareness of the infrastructure we have .
* Who owns those.
* No proper documentation of what exist for gluster , where it is and 
whom to contact.
* Who is responsible for keeping things updated...etc

If we sort above, we will be in a better position to draw the line.

>> +1 Ansible
>> -1 [anything to do with Ruby] :)
> While i can see why you would put -1 to ruby, it has to do with
> dependencies issues, or another problem ?
> ( cause from my own experience, puppet is in ruby, but thereisn't much
> dependencies issue, except when they did changed from ruby 1.8 to ruby
> 2.0 and puppet 3 )
> We only test on EL6 and EL7, that's it ? No Fedora jenkins, or
> anything ?
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