[Gluster-devel] Announcing Gluster release 10

Saju Mohammed Noohu sajmoham at redhat.com
Wed Nov 17 05:07:59 UTC 2021

Hi All,

The Gluster Community is very pleased to announce release-10, the latest
one in the Gluster stable.

This is a major release that includes a range of code improvements and
stability fixes along with a few features as noted below. A selection of
the key features and changes are documented in this [1] page.


1. Releases that receive maintenance updates post-release 10 is 9 (reference
2. Release 10 will receive maintenance updates around the 15th of every
alternative month, and release 9 will receive maintenance updates around
15th every three months. [2]
3.  For upgrading to release-10, refer to the release 10 upgrade guide [3].
4. Gluster -10 might take some time to reflect in latest OS repos. If found
missing, please upgrade using Packages : [4]
5. Gluster-8.x series is EOL and no longer supported. Please feel free to
upgrade [3].

Make sure you are not using any of the following deprecated features :

- Block device (bd) xlator
- Decompounder feature
- Crypt xlator
- Symlink-cache xlator
- Stripe feature
- Tiering support (tier xlator and changetimerecorder)
- Glupy

*Highlights of this release are:*

   - Major performance improvement of ~20% w.r.t small files as well as
   large files testing in controlled lab environments #2771

*NOTE: *The above improvement requires tcmalloc library to be enabled for
building. We have tested and verified tcmalloc in X86_64 platforms and is
enabled only for x86_64 builds in the current release.

   - Randomized port selection for bricks, improves startup time #786
   - Performance improvement with use of readdir instead of readdirp in
   fix-layout #2241
   - Heal time improvement with bigger window size #2067

*Major issues:*

- None

Bugs addressed are provided towards the end, in the release notes [1]

Thank You,
Saju Mohammed


[1] Release notes:
[2] Release schedule:
[3] Upgrade guide to release-10
[4] Packages:
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