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Nux! nux at li.nux.ro
Fri Mar 19 17:14:46 UTC 2021

So then, in theory my plan could work if I always rebalance.


On 19 March 2021 17:12:07 GMT, Strahil Nikolov <hunter86_bg at yahoo.com> wrote:
>As gluster does not have metadata server, the client:s identify the
>brick via a special algorithm based on the file/dir name.
>Each brick corresponds to a 'range' of hashes , thus when you add a new
>brick, you always need to rebalance the volume.
>Best Regards,Strahil Nikolov
>    Hello,
>A while ago I attempted and failed to maintain an "evergrowing" storage
>solution based on GlusterFS.
>I was relying on a distributed non-replicated volume to host backups
>so on, in the idea that when it was close to full I would just add 
>another brick (server) and keep it going like that.
>In reality what happened was that many of the writes were distributed
>the brick that was (in time) full, ending up with "out of space"
>despite having one or more bricks with plenty of space.
>Can anyone advise whether current Glusterfs behaviour has improved in 
>this regard, ie does it check if a brick is full and redirect the 
>"write" to one that is not?
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