[Gluster-devel] Introduce GD_OP_VERSION_5_10 and increase GD_OP_VERSION_MAX to this version

RAFI KC rkavunga at redhat.com
Wed Jan 29 09:13:48 UTC 2020

On 1/29/20 2:28 PM, David Spisla wrote:
> Dear Gluster Devels,
> i am using gluster 5.10 and want to introduce a new volume option. 
> Therefore I want to set a proper GD_OP_VERSION for it. In gluster 5.10 
> source code there is no macro defined for 51000.
> But concurrently the GD_OP_VERSION_MAX is set to 50400. I would do 
> something like this:
> 1. Change in libglusterfs/src/globals-h (line 47)
> #define GD_OP_VERSION_MAX                    \
>     GD_OP_VERSION_5_10
> 2. Add line to same Header file:
> #define GD_OP_VERSION_5_10 51000 /* Op-version for GlusterFS 5.10 */
> Do you think this is fine?

This should be fine. Also, define the new volume set command with the 
newly introduced op-version.

> 3. libglusterfs/src/common-utils.c (line 2036):
> On the other side there is a if-branch which uses GD_OP_VERSION_5_4 
> which is currently the GD_OP_VERSION_MAX. Why it is used here and 
> should I increase it also to GD_OP_VERSION_5_10?

In Gluster5.4, the checksum calculation has been changed to a new 
method. Hence if it is a heterogeneous cluster (Not every node is in the 
same version, usually happens when you upgrade) the peer will go to the 
rejected state as one of the cluster compute checksum with new method 
and rest uses the old. So this check prevents doing so.

Keep the op-version as GD_OP_VERSION_5_4 for this check. Because let's 
say you have a heterogeneous cluster where op-version is 5.4 or higher 
then it is completely fine to do the checksum calculation with new method.


Rafi KC

> Regards
> David Spisla

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