[Gluster-devel] WORM-Xlator: How to get filepath in worm_create_cbk?

David Spisla spisla80 at gmail.com
Tue Feb 4 13:46:13 UTC 2020

Dear Gluster Community,
in worm_create_cbk a file gets the xattr "trusted.worm_file" and
"trusted.start_time" if worm-file-level is enabled. Now I want to exclude
some files in a special folder from the WORM function. Therefore I want to
check in worm_create_cbk if the file is in this folder or not. But I don't
find a parameter where the filepath is stored. So my alternative solution
was, to check it in worm_create (via loc->path) and store a boolean value
in frame->local. This boolean value will be used in worm_create_cbk later.
But its not my favourite solution.

Do you know how to get the filepath in the cbk function?

David Spisla
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