[Gluster-devel] Building Glusterfs-5.3 on armhf

Niels de Vos ndevos at redhat.com
Mon Jan 21 13:49:00 UTC 2019

On Sun, Jan 20, 2019 at 01:43:55PM -0500, Richard Betel wrote:
> I've got some odroid HC2's running debian 9 that i'd like to run gluster
> on, but I want to run something current, not 3.8! So I'm trying to build
> 5.3, but I can't get through the./configure.
> At first, I forgot to run autogen, so i was using whatever configure I had,
> and it would error out on sqlite, even though I have the sqlite3 dev
> libraries installed. Anyhow, I realized my mistake, and ran autogen.sh .
> Now configure dies on libuuid which is also installed. before autogen it
> got well past it. here's the last few lines:
> checking sys/extattr.h usability... no
> checking sys/extattr.h presence... no
> checking for sys/extattr.h... no
> checking openssl/dh.h usability... yes
> checking openssl/dh.h presence... yes
> checking for openssl/dh.h... yes
> checking openssl/ecdh.h usability... yes
> checking openssl/ecdh.h presence... yes
> checking for openssl/ecdh.h... yes
> checking for pow in -lm... yes
> ./configure: line 13788: syntax error near unexpected token `UUID,'
> ./configure: line 13788: `PKG_CHECK_MODULES(UUID, uuid,'
> Here's the config line that fails (with some:
>         have_uuid=yes
>          AC_DEFINE(HAVE_LIBUUID, 1, [have libuuid.so])
>          PKGCONFIG_UUID=uuid,
>         have_uuid=no)
>  if test x$have_uuid = xyes; then
> else
> fi
> I tried putting "echo FOO"  before the PKG_CHECK_MODULES and it outputs
> correctly, so I'm pretty sure the problem isn't a dropped quote or
> parenthesis.
> Any suggestions on what to look for to debug this?

You might be missing the PKG_CHECK_MODULES macro. Can you make sure you
have pkg-config installed?


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