[Gluster-devel] Weekly GCS architecture call

John Strunk jstrunk at redhat.com
Wed Jan 9 16:21:04 UTC 2019

We have a weekly 1 hour call to discuss architecture topics related to GCS.
This call has been ongoing for several months as an internal meeting. With
the new year, we are expanding the invitation for the community to join and
hear/contribute to the discussions.

Meeting info:
- Time/Date: Thursdays at 15:00 UTC (hint: `date -d "15:00 UTC"`)
- Location: Bluejeans - https://bluejeans.com/600091070
- Minutes/Agenda/Info: https://hackmd.io/sj9ik9SCTYm81YcQDOOrtw

This week's main topic will be a roundtable discussion to highlight the set
of remaining tasks for a GCS 1.0 release. We are targeting the 1.0 release
for the end of January / early February.

See you tomorrow.
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