[Gluster-devel] GlusterFs v4.1.5: Need help on bitrot detection

Chandranana Naik Chandranana.Naik at ibm.com
Wed Feb 13 05:00:28 UTC 2019

Hi Team,

We are working with Glusterfs v4.1.5 on big endian platform(Ubuntu 16.04)
and encountered that the  subtest 20 of
test ./tests/bitrot/bug-1207627-bitrot-scrub-status.t  is failing.

Subtest 20 is failing as below:
trusted.bit-rot.bad-file check_for_xattr
trusted.bit-rot.bad-file //d/backends/patchy1/FILE1
not ok 20 Got "" instead of "trusted.bit-rot.bad-file", LINENUM:50
FAILED COMMAND: trusted.bit-rot.bad-file check_for_xattr
trusted.bit-rot.bad-file //d/backends/patchy1/FILE1

The test is failing with error "remote operation failed [Cannot allocate
memory]"  logged in /var/log/glusterfs/scrub.log.
Could you please let us know if anything is missing in  making this test
pass, PFA the logs for the test case

(See attached file: bug-1207627-bitrot-scrub-status.7z)

Note: Enough memory is available on the system.

Chandranana Naik
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