[Gluster-devel] Expanding Volume problem in old release 3.12.2

PSC 1173701037 at qq.com
Wed Dec 25 03:57:03 UTC 2019

Hello,I have a glusterfs deployment, the version of which is 3.12.2.  When I expanded a volume, I encountered with a problem that new files wrote to volume will not appear on those bricks newly added to the volume. I mean new files will only wrote to original bricks of that volume (bricks before expand). Those new bricks will never used.
I made some test on the latest version of glusterfs, this problem disappeared. However, for stability concerning, I cannot upgrade to new version. I plan to made a patch on the old 3.12.2 glusterfs, just fix this one bug. Would you please tell me some information about it? 

Thank you very much!
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