[Gluster-devel] Proposal: move glusterfs development to github workflow, completely

Amar Tumballi amarts at gmail.com
Fri Aug 23 13:11:43 UTC 2019

Hi developers,

With this email, I want to understand what is the general feeling around
this topic.

We from gluster org (in github.com/gluster) have many projects which follow
complete github workflow, where as there are few, specially the main one
'glusterfs', which uses 'Gerrit'.

While this has worked all these years, currently, there is a huge set of
brain-share on github workflow as many other top projects, and similar
projects use only github as the place to develop, track and run tests etc.
As it is possible to have all of the tools required for this project in
github itself (code, PR, issues, CI/CD, docs), lets look at how we are
structured today:

Gerrit - glusterfs code + Review system
Bugzilla - For bugs
Github - For feature requests
Trello - (not very much used) for tracking project development.
CI/CD - CentOS-ci / Jenkins, etc but maintained from different repo.
Docs - glusterdocs - different repo.
Metrics - Nothing (other than github itself tracking contributors).

While it may cause a minor glitch for many long time developers who are
used to the flow, moving to github would bring all these in single place,
makes getting new users easy, and uniform development practices for all
gluster org repositories.

As it is just the proposal, I would like to hear people's thought on this,
and conclude on this another month, so by glusterfs-8 development time, we
are clear about this.

Can we decide on this before September 30th? Please voice your concerns.

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