[Gluster-devel] inode table destruction

FNU Raghavendra Manjunath rabhat at redhat.com
Tue Apr 30 19:58:21 UTC 2019

Hi All,

There is a good chance that, the inode on which unref came has already been
 zero refed and added to the purge list. This can happen when inode table is
 being destroyed (glfs_fini is something which destroys the inode table).

 Consider a directory 'a' which has a file 'b'. Now as part of inode table
 zero refing of inodes does not happen from leaf to the root. It happens in
the order
 inodes are present in the list. So, in this example, the dentry of 'b'
would have its
 parent set to the inode of 'a'. So if 'a' gets zero refed first (as part of
 inode table cleanup) and then 'b' has to zero refed, then dentry_unset is
called on
 the dentry of 'b' and it further goes on to call inode_unref on b's parent
which is
 'a'. In this situation, GF_ASSERT would be called as the refcount of 'a'
has been
 already set to zero.

Below is a snippet of the core file generated from such ASSERT call in one
of the regression test runs.


*14:39:49* No symbol table info available.*14:39:49* #1
0x00007f2a539fc8f8 in abort () from /lib64/libc.so.6*14:39:49* No
symbol table info available.*14:39:49* #2  0x00007f2a539f4026 in
__assert_fail_base () from /lib64/libc.so.6*14:39:49* No symbol table
info available.*14:39:49* #3  0x00007f2a539f40d2 in __assert_fail ()
from /lib64/libc.so.6*14:39:49* No symbol table info
available.*14:39:49* #4  0x00007f2a553e3208 in __inode_unref
(inode=0x7f2a3c05edf8, clear=false) at
        index = 0*14:39:49*         this = 0x7f2a3c03e840*14:39:49*
     nlookup = 0*14:39:49*         __PRETTY_FUNCTION__ =
"__inode_unref"*14:39:49* #5  0x00007f2a553e2745 in __dentry_unset
(dentry=0x7f2a3c064e48) at
No locals.*14:39:49* #6  0x00007f2a553e308a in __inode_retire
(inode=0x7f2a3c05ebc8) at
        dentry = 0x7f2a3c064e48*14:39:49*         t =
0x7f2a3c064398*14:39:49* #7  0x00007f2a553e392f in
__inode_ref_reduce_by_n (inode=0x7f2a3c05ebc8, nref=0) at
        nlookup = 0*14:39:49*         __PRETTY_FUNCTION__ =
"__inode_ref_reduce_by_n"*14:39:49* #8  0x00007f2a553e61d5 in
inode_table_destroy (inode_table=0x7f2a28007f90) at
        trav = 0x7f2a3c05ebc8*14:39:49*         __FUNCTION__ =
"inode_table_destroy"*14:39:49* #9  0x00007f2a553e600c in
inode_table_destroy_all (ctx=0x7f2a3c001170) at
        trav_graph = 0x7f2a240041a0*14:39:49*         tmp =
0x7f2a3c0013c8*14:39:49*         tree = 0x7f2a24022af0*14:39:49*
  inode_table = 0x7f2a28007f90*14:39:49* #10 0x00007f2a46a83390 in
pub_glfs_fini (fs=0x7f2a3c000ff0) at
        ret = 0*14:39:49*         countdown = 98*14:39:49*
subvol = 0x7f2a24022af0*14:39:49*         ctx =
0x7f2a3c001170*14:39:49*         graph = 0x7f2a240041a0*14:39:49*
   call_pool = 0x7f2a3c000df0*14:39:49*         fs_init = 1*14:39:49*
       err = 0*14:39:49*         old_THIS = 0x7f2a380084c0*14:39:49*
      __FUNCTION__ = "pub_glfs_fini"


IIUC the solution for it would be to add a flag in the inode table which
tells whether the
cleanup of inode table has started or not. Do not call GF_ASSRT
(inode->ref) if the inode
table to which the inode being unrefed belongs to, is already getting
cleaned up.

A patch [1] has been submitted for review with the change mentioned above.

[1] https://review.gluster.org/#/c/glusterfs/+/22650/

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